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Hard to Love

Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan This review and more at Sab The Book EaterI'm not even going to sugarcoat this but I read this because of the first 9 words of the book - every single review on Goodreads quoted that! I was curious, sue me. I know you're getting all judge-y on me right now but believe me, I've read far more, um, descriptive books. I was actually curious how the whole he's-a-pornstar plot would play out. This is a fairly short read with alternating POVs and it didn't take me too long to finish it (read it in a day). The story was engaging because of Cade. You know how there's this thing called stripper/hooker with a heart of gold? Well that's Cade. Only he's a pornstar. And he's actually very sweet. And he loves his six year old sister very much he'd do anything (literally) to get money to pay for her medical bills. Quite frankly I was more interested in reading his chapters. I wanted to know how his mind works because his life is pretty screwed up. I wasn't disappointed though because I got exactly what I wanted. He's such a lovable character that I kind of hate he ends up with Alexa.Oh yes. I didn't like Alexa quite as much. She annoyed me most of the time. She's like the Diet Coke of the Ms. Goody Two Shoes stereotype. I get that she's a virgin and that she's shy and stuff like that but then she goes off watching Cade's videos and she actually has a toy hidden at the back of her underwear drawer....? I mean if you're gonna make a complete opposite of someone, stick with it. And their romance? It was too fast, too weird. She just kept coming back to his house; the first time she did was questionable too. She wanted to tell Cade that she won't do it with him by going to his house. It. Doesn't. Make. Sense. Oh Lex. *rolls eyes* And what's up with her taking Cade to meet her parents when they weren't even anything yet. Sure, they fooled around but it was more like "business" if you get my drift. The meeting was really awkward and highly uncomfortable for Cade. I felt really bad for him, really. But not to worry... Alexa had redeeming qualities too. I loved scenes wherein she'd take care of Lily, Cade's sister, and when she had chicken wings and beer with Cade one night. It was cute! But then she freaks out towards the end and turns the crazy on and... would you please calm down!I liked the story for the most part, especially the beginning. How they met was hilarious and I actually liked Alexa then, she seemed more natural. Or maybe it was her professionalism. Meh. Whatever. 3 stars. I liked it because of Cade, the weird pornstar angle thrown into it, and the light sweet moments. Everything else? No. A lot of people on Goodreads are raving about it though so it could just be me.

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