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Sweetest Taboo

Sweetest Taboo - Eva Márquez This review and more at Sab The Book EaterI've been really into taboo stories lately because I like seeing how authors handle controversial stories/topics. I think any writer who chooses to go down that path is bold. It's not easy reading stories like this so I can just imagine how much harder it is to write about it. Aside from considering how the story's told, a writer also has to consider how the reader will react. I've read some reviews that comment on the issue rather than focusing on the entirety of the book. I truly did my best to keep an open mind while reading this book because it's unfair if I don't. However, I still found myself unable to appreciate Sweetest Taboo like I thought I would. There were simply too many things that didn't appeal to me.What bothered me the most was how the story was written. I couldn't appreciate a book that tells a story rather than showing it. I know the book aims to cast taboo relationships in a gentle light but at the same time, I think it also needs to amp up the intensity a bit. It was written in Isabel's perspective and she had a lot of inner monologues that didn't quite help me get into the story. Her thoughts may have helped present student-teacher relationships in a different light but I think it also robbed the story of any excitement.The characters didn't appeal to me as well. I had a hard to feeling any sort of connection to either Tom or Isabel. Maybe it was just the way they spoke or how they were written - I don't know. I just felt like their personalities didn't affect me at all. I do appreciate the fact that Isabel, no matter how mature she acted on most occasions, was still a child. Her naivety showed in different ways like when she couldn't keep her mouth shut or when she purposefully made out with guys because she felt upset that Tom had a wife and that he goes home to her. Her inability to grasp the situation fully was just in some way part of her being young. I couldn't say the same for Tom though given that he's old and he should know better. He also made decisions that were too risky like meeting up in the parking lot or in his classroom. I guess the "excitement" that I've been craving for was supposed to come from their recklessness but it didn't really show.I find that this book was okay. It didn't really get to me. Perhaps if it was written in some other way I would've seen the appeal. I would still want to read the next book though because the story ended with Isabel who's older and has reconnected with Tom. I'm curious how the story will turn out now that she's of age. Definitely something to look forward to.

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