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We'll Always Have Summer (Summer Novels)

We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han This review and more at Sab The Book EaterBelly made the logical choice, getting to that decision was still a whirlwind. And often times I hated feeling like I was being forced into liking Conrad. I hated knowing that Belly would end up with Conrad in the end. He was such a Debbie Downer throughout the series! So I figured, the only way I can make peace with how the story would go is if I can see that Jeremiah would not be the better choice - and it felt forced. It felt forced the way Jeremiah suddenly had a character shift (e.g. feeling disinterested with wedding preparations - oops! Spoiler there). It felt forced when, all of a sudden, Conrad is this charming man and you finally see what Belly sees in him. All of it. Forced. It's good that she picked the better man, but really? I was forced into liking Conrad because of the sudden character shifts. Nonetheless, I appreciate how the story turned out. If only the game-changing moments didn't feel so forced, I think I (and other readers) would've overlooked those. Same turn of events, written differently. I think. I hope that made some sense.The 3rd book was quite okay, the problem was the whole series. I didn't feel attached to Belly early on so I also didn't feel attached to the story. I didn't feel like rooting for Conrad even though it's quite obvious that he's The One. I think primarily, the book lacked character development. I've said this a lot in my reviews, because it's true. For me, at least. It's been a couple of weeks since I finished the series and the most I can remember about it was Belly feeling obsessed over Conrad - and that annoyed the heck out of me. I felt like Belly was this shallow 15 year old for the most part. In addition to that, Conrad only became the lovable male lead during the 3rd book. A little too late for me. Now this is just me reviewing the entirety of the series. After all, appreciating the ending means appreciating the whole story that developed during the series.We'll Always Have Summer is better than the previous books. It's good. But the "hangover" factor is something else.

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