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Second Chance Boyfriend

Second Chance Boyfriend - Monica  Murphy This review and more at Sab The Book EaterWe're back for the second installment of Drew + Fable's story. The first one ended with a very confusing and frustrating cliffhanger so I was stoked to read this one. I was all, "How can a book be so sexy and sad at the same time?!" And yeah, I'm only saying this now because I didn't want to include that in my review of One Week Girlfriend... I didn't want to spoil it for anyone (although you could pretty much guess what happens if you read the blurb of Second Chance Boyfriend).ENOUGH RAMBLING.So the story starts with two very miserable people who are heartbroken and in denial. I wasn't actually expecting them to get back together so soon and easily but they did - and I have no complaints. I absolutely love how natural Drew and Fable's relationship was. They only thing that was complicating everything was Drew's state of mind; his issues definitely affected the way he thought. Fable on the one hand was left hanging and confused so it was acceptable that she was pretty iffy about getting back together with Drew. When they did get back together, it was a huge back and forth struggle that at some point I felt like the only thing that motivated them to get their act together was how badly they wanted to get physical again. Really. But thankfully that didn't last very long. They were all, "ah screw it" and BAM! They're back together and happy again...somewhat. Their personal issues kept popping in from time to time but it's nothing a little sexy time can't fix. I'm serious. It's like being with each other clears their mind out. Thank you happy hormones!Heh. Okay fine I'm really serious now. One of the things I liked about this book was Fable's relationship with her brother. I just loved how Owen got all protective of Fable when he realized Drew was the one who broke his sister's heart over Thanksgiving break. There was this one part where Owen punched Drew in the jaw... CUTE. Very, very cute little man. That was probably the only thing he did that didn't annoy me. He gave Fable such a hard time and sometimes - Owen, dude - it's not her fault. But whatever. I liked Fable and Owen's dynamics. It was refreshing to read something like that in a New Adult Contemporary.The thing I liked about Drew and Fable in this book was how much deeper their relationship got. They both had struggles but they learned to deal with it together. Their relationship was sweeter and they were more open with each other this time around. Drew and Fable were simply in a state of euphoria. Heck, I was in a state of euphoria just reading how cuddly and happy they were.IN COMES ADELE.Just when you think Drew and Fable can live peacefully in each other's arms, Adele comes back in the picture. Seriously that woman is deranged. She goes all psycho on Andy and Drew. Then she's decided to wreck havoc for real this time and tells Andy about her affair with Drew. This is the part that bothered me - everything went smoothly. Andy didn't get mad at Drew because it's not his fault Adele molested him. In fact, he was remorseful. Now this may be a rational, plausible reaction but it just felt all off... for me. It's like nothing really wrong happened except for Adele's gun-in-mouth-suicide but that really didn't do it for me.I liked this book but I didn't like it enough to give it a 5-star rating. There were some loose ends, like what happened to Drew's relationship with his dad after he found out. Or that ending...... THAT ENDING. That's supposed to cap things off I reckon but I'm telling you, it only made me want more. Dear Ms. Murphy,MARSHMALLOW. We. Want. More.Love,Drew + Fable fans.P.S.Throw in a bit of Colin and Jen. We like them too. ;-)***I received an Advance Reading Copy of this book***This review is based solely on my opinion

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