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Game. Set. Match. (Outer Banks Tennis Academy)

Game. Set. Match. - Jennifer Iacopelli After reading the prologue, I'm still on Team Indy!My reason for liking Indy over Jasmine and Penny is very simple: she's very relatable. When she tried to watch Penny's tennis match on her phone during class by hiding it under her desk, she reminded me of myself. I don't watch tennis matches on my phone but I do use it sometimes during lectures even if it's forbidden. I even do what Indy did, answering the teacher's question so she'll take less notice of me because she thinks I'm actively participating in class. Ha!From the prologue alone I could tell that Game. Set. Match. is going to be a really great read. I liked the vivid descriptions and the overall flow, taking off from one girl's story then moving on to the next smoothly. I can't wait to read the rest of the book and get to know the girls better!Go #OBXers!

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