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Walking Disaster: A Novel

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire This review and more at Sab The Book EaterThe disappointment that is Walking Disaster. Let me start off by saying I didn't like Beautiful Disaster. Travis' womanizing, the constant push and pull and the underground fighting didn't spell out AMAZING for me. It gave me a headache. So I started Walking Disaster with low expectations and a little bit of hope that I'll somehow find Travis' thoughts endearing. I usually enjoy reading stories (or bits of it whenever authors decide to be generous and share bonus content on their pages) written in the guy's POV. I love reading how guys think. There's this quality to it. However I didn't get that satisfaction from reading the same story written in Travis' perspective. Very little satisfaction.I think it's the fact that Walking Disaster is exactly like Beautiful Disaster save for the first chapter, very few of Travis' alone time and the epilogue. The same lines were used and even if I vaguely remember every detail of Beautiful Disaster I suddenly had a deja vu reading Walking Disaster. There wasn't much to look forward to and that sucked! I was also expecting a lot of insight into Travis' head but it was half-baked. The only thing that this book accomplished was make me hate Abby. I neither liked nor hated her in Beautiful Disaster because I was so focused on hating Travis. But when I read this... oh man, Abby turned out to be such a bitch. If you barely remember what happened in Beautiful Disaster, like me, you'd end up confused and hating her. Her actions were confusing because she'd be all cuddly with Travis one second then go on a date with Parker. Then again maybe that was deliberate so you'd really get a feel of how Travis was feeling and why he acted the way he did. But anyway. It's like a huge chunk of the story that's essential to making readers understand everything that's going on was taken out. A lot of the scenes were confusing because they made references to events that were told in detail in Beautiful Disaster but were only mentioned here. I think the only thing that I really liked here was Travis explaining his nickname for Abby. Other than that? Nope.Now. The first chapter and the epilogue. THOSE I like. I liked reading the brief chapter with young Travis. It really gave me an insight on why Travis was so bent on making him and Abby work out. And the epilogue, it may have been far fetched but at least it was something new. It would've been better if a little more detail was put into it. As it is though it was good - probably the only thing I found truly interesting in the whole book.Fans of the first book would most likely love this book. Most likely. But for people like me... yeah, it's disappointment is inevitable. You could skip a whole lot of the book because you'd already know they'd kiss and make up several times before their happily ever after. Walking Disaster barely gives you anything new. Cut-paste-edit. That's what this book was.(I received a copy via NetGalley. This copy is based solely on my opinion.)

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