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Interim Goddess of Love (Interim Goddess of Love, #1) - Mina V. Esguerra Come check out my stop on the Interim Goddess of Love blog tour and enter the giveaway to win copies of the trilogy!The premise of the novel is quite unique considering the trend in young adult or women's fiction in the Philippines presently. It's something I haven't come across yet so I was excited to dive into the world Mina Esguerra created.Initially I wasn't that sold on the idea of Hannah becoming the interim Goddess of Love. While it was interesting, I had a hard time grasping the whole concept of temporarily taking over for a goddess. I thought the beginning was a bit slow because readers were being eased into the story and I totally understand that. Hannah was still being trained by the Sun God a.k.a. Quin so there was a lot of things that I was eager to know but wasn't tackled just yet. As the story progressed though I was starting to understand what exactly Hannah was to do and how she was supposed to do it all. I also liked Hannah's voice. I thought she was a really relatable character. One thing that I didn't quite like about this book was the general direction of the story. Hannah had a mission to do or a 'project' as how she would put it, that much is obvious. But essentially I wasn't sure where the story was going. Would it just be a series of projects? Or is there a much bigger picture we're not seeing just yet? I was wee bit lost but not to the point where it bothered me. Knowing it's a trilogy, I let it slide because as far as first books go, this one's a good opening. The pacing was good, the plot was interesting and the author's new twist on Philippine mythology was refreshing. Overall an enjoyable book.(I received a copy for review. This did not influence me in any way.)

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