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Tainted Love - Eva Márquez More reviews at Sab The Book EaterAfter reading Sweetest Taboo I was somewhat eager to get started with Tainted Love. Not because I liked the previous book a great deal but because I was curious how the story would continue. So there I was, expecting Isabel and Tom to engage in a slightly forbidden relationship the second time around. I say "slightly" because circumstances have changed but they still couldn't get their relationship out in the open. Isabel wasn't a minor anymore and was already in college and Tom was divorced and yet there were still things that hindered them from becoming happy in each others arms. Cheeseballs. I said something cheesy because that's what the romance in book two is - CHEESE.I absolutely did not like how the romance (or lack thereof) went on in this book. Tom was on cloud nine seeing Isabel again and being able to spend two uninterrupted weeks with her at a B&B. He kept telling her how much he loves her and how painful it was when she left and how excited he is to be with her again yada yada yada yada. A boyfriend that bares it all... sweet, right? Unfortunately no matter how loving (and heavy) Tom's words were there was simply no warmth to it. There were so many parts and paragraphs where Tom would express his feelings to Isabel and her doing the same but I just didn't get the feels you know? Maybe it's just me and my petty appreciation of romance but I just couldn't feel anything for the both of them.To make matters worse, it's like the book went two steps back instead of moving forward. I really wanted to see how their relationship would work without the limits that hindered them in the first book (apart from the rumors and judgment that is) but SPOILER ALERT - there was no relationship in this book. They may have had their moment in the beginning but all throughout the book they spent it apart without any real communication. I was so disappointed at how incredibly immature Isabel was in this book. She's supposed to know better now. I understand though that her exposure to different people in college changed her outlook greatly but I think she could've handled certain situations better, like an adult. Not that adults are completely rational and responsible all the time. I'm just saying, she was acting immature and it made everything worse than they were when she was 16. It also frustrated me how Isabel would constantly question Tom's loyalty and wonder whether or not the rumors are true. What a hypocrite! She's the one who's been having an affair with yet another teacher (or professor) and she has the nerve to judge Tom? When she wasn't even making an effort to speak to him? It's all moving backwards!Tainted Love was a bit different than the first book because some parts were written in Tom's perspective as well as Isabel's brother Tony (although not a lot). The book presented perspectives of a person who's obviously moved on, a person stuck in the past and a person looking from the outside. I appreciate that the readers are finally given a look into Tom's life. It was so hard feeling compassionate for Tom in the first one because we knew nothing about him and that his character felt so dry. But in this one, we're finally given some insight about his marriage and his feelings for Isabel. Given how poorly Isabel handled their relationship issues, I kind of feel bad for Tom now. It's almost like I don't want them ending up together because Isabel didn't deserve him.My biggest complaint in Sweetest Taboo was still very much present here - the writing. Except I think it got worse. Telling and not showing yet again. There were pages inner monologues that quite frankly went overboard. Isabel kept over thinking her situation - not that she's not supposed to think about it. It is a big deal after all. But if you have repetitive paragraphs that are basically saying the same thing, it gets really tiring. In fact I felt so tired of it that I had to skip a lot of pages. And guess what? I didn't miss much.The story ended with a sort of cliffhanger but honestly it didn't excite me anymore. There were too many things that went wrong with the second book that I couldn't see myself getting interested enough to find out how they fix their "relationship" and actually be happy for real. I still couldn't bring myself to appreciate the romance, the story line, even the taboo aspect of it all. I'm sorry. Maybe it's your cup of tea and not mine. (I received a copy of this book for review. This review is based solely on my opinion.)

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