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Shattered Soul - Jennifer Snyder This review and more at Sab The Book EaterDon't let the cover fool you. This is not a happy book. In fact, it's soul shattering. Yep, the title basically says it all. Now I know what you might be thinking, "If this is not a happy book then why did you read it, Sab? Why are you reviewing it? What's the point?"Well, the point is this: It's a book. You don't just read a book because it has a HEA. You read a book because of the journey it takes you on - happy or sad. And this book definitely took me on a journey. Shattered Soul was a short read (I finished it in about 3 hours). But even if it was, Snyder managed to create a story filled with so much raw emotion and characters that felt so real. I liked that this was written in Seth's perspective - a male protagonist at last! He's so complex, it hurts. Seriously, that's how I felt the whole time I was reading his story. There were two sides to him and it hurt seeing how he struggled with trying to get away from the life he knows. And to make matters worse, his brother Calvin is a total asshole. Whenever he's in a scene, my blood would boil. At one point, at the height of Calvin's douchebaggery, I totally cursed my tablet and wanted to smash it against a wall. I was that mad. And I felt so sorry for Seth that I actually cried with him. Then we have Ali... she's complicated. I feel like on some level I knew Ali but then again maybe it's just her drug-induced personality that we were introduced to. It was so hard trying to see what Seth saw in her other than the fact that she's beautiful. I kind of feel like Ali was only after Seth because she knew he had the goods. And that she didn't really change because of the addiction... maybe she really was that underneath all the cute preppy outfits. Get what I'm saying? Whatever. Bottomline, Ali was the biggest game changer in Seth's life and I don't even mean that in a good way. The story overall, is great. Like I said, not because of the ending (because it's not a happy one) but because of the journey it takes to get there. It deals with a sensitive topic and I think the author did a great job at writing about the reality of it all. There's truly something about Jennifer Snyder's writing that draws me in. This is the second book of hers I've read and I can definitely say she has a way with words. She brings out a whole lot of emotions without saying too much. Shattered Soul is edgy and dark and all around fantastic! I'd definitely recommend this to any reader who's up for the challenge. It won't be easy... but it is so worth it.***I received an e-copy of this book for review.*** This review is based solely on my opinion.

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