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After Forever Ends - Melodie Ramone This review and more at Sab The Book EaterThere are love stories, there are Nicholas Sparks books, and then there's THIS. This masterpiece by Melodie Ramone. This has got to be one of, if not the most touching books I've ever read. I enjoyed every page, every detail, every minute I spent reading it. Before everything else, I think it's only fair that I warn you, dear reader, that this book is quite long. At 3% I was already complaining how long the book was. But the further I got into the story, the more I appreciated it. At some point I wished the story wouldn't end. It's that good!Now I know the synopsis pretty much says what happens in the book. My blogger friend was wondering what the twist was but then I told her, "That's the point - there is no twist." It's true. Unlike most books, After Forever Ends isn't hinged on some game changing twist. It's so much more than that. It's about life; life made whole by love in all forms.At first I thought it was going to be some epic love story ala Nicholas Sparks because of all the reviews I've read saying After Forever Ends is a real tearjerker. I did cry a lot, I'm not going to lie. What made the experience different for me was how the story touched me deeply. I didn't cry because the story was sad. No! I cried (a lot) because the story was real. The synopsis reads, "...Silvia's story could belong to anyone, but it is her own." The story was real in a sense that I was able to see Silvia's story through her eyes but it could also belong to anyone. Maybe that's the very reason why I was so touched by the story - I didn't feel detached from it. Everything about it was real - even all the magic that occurred in the wood. I laughed with them, I cried with them. Every bit of raw emotion the characters felt, I felt it too. A big part of the story's magic were the characters. Silvia. Just Silvia Cotton, as Oliver would lovingly call her, is such a strong character. I loved her from start to finish! She's attractive, strong, witty, and very relatable! There was never a moment where I felt like she was too good to be true or she was downright annoying. I loved that in every chapter of her life, you can see how much she's grown and yet she was still Just Silvia Cotton all throughout. As for the twins, Oliver and Alex... boy oh boy oh boy. What a delightful duo! I know twins are connected in every possible way but this book took that on a whole different level. More than their being twins, I loved that their brotherhood was also emphasized. They complimented each other so well that when Silvia became a part of their lives, it was simply... beautiful. When I was finished, I felt so attached to the characters that I just thought, "It's over. I can't believe it's over." Melodie Ramone's writing truly brought everything to life. From the character building to the flow of the story, her writing was superb! After Forever Ends is a captivating story about love and its magic and everything else in between. This is the kind of book that I'll want my future children to read. This is the kind of book that leaves a lasting impression. This is the kind of book that, once it's over, you'll look back at your own life and contemplate. I know I did. P.S.I'm still hungover.***I received an e-copy of this book for review.*** This review is based solely on my opinion.

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