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Honeysuckle Love - S. Walden This review and more at Sab The Book EaterReading this book took me on one heck of a ride! I went through so many emotions that at one point I just wanted to sit in a corner, hug my tablet, and stare into nothingness. This book is sad, really sad. I'm not going to sugarcoat it in any way. But what made me like this book was how strong the message was, and how the author developed the characters as the story progressed. The overall feel of the book may have been sad, but there was a point to it all.Clara's obviously too young to handle so much responsibilities but she took them on anyway. Even if their living arrangements were horrible, Clara and Bea's bond remained intact. That's actually one of the reasons why I liked the book - the author was able to show how strong Clara's relationship was with her sister all throughout. I really enjoyed every chapter that involved Beatrice. She's such a fun character! She's witty and she talks like a grown up but she still had stubborn moments which shows that she's still very much a kid. I think having such a well-painted picture of Clara and Bea's sisterhood brought balance to the story. It made all the sadness bearable for me. While this book is primarily about Clara's sad home life, it's also about falling in love for the first time. Evan... oh yeah. Evan is definitely on my list of Book Boyfriends. I think he also brought balance to the story. I loved how Clara slowly learned to trust Evan and to accept him in her life. The tenderness and compassion he showed to Clara was refreshing amid all the chaos.One of the brilliant parts of the book is actually shown on the 1st picture of the guest post! When I got to that part it was sad and shocking but it was so beautiful in a tragic way! I know it doesn't make sense but trust me, when you read the book and you reach that part you'll know that it deserves a slow clap. It truly was "pretty damn perfect!" I actually liked the parts wherein Clara started entering the depths of her depression, simply because of how well-written it was. All the emotions were there and it was told carefully in such a way that I felt a deeper sense of connection to all the characters and to the story.This is the first time that I actually enjoyed a sad book. It was sad... but beautifully written. It showed the harsh reality of life and how far people would go when pushed to the limits and when given no other choice. I liked that in the end, Clara was able to redeem herself through love and trust, with the help of the people around her.

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