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Both Sides Of Opposite (Maykenna & Trevor Novella #1) - Scarlet Hope This review and more at Sab The Book EaterI'm not so keen on the idea of insta love so I was sort of iffy about this book at first. But when the story went deeper I found myself drawn to Maykenna and Trevor. There's something about Scarlet Hope's writing that made me feel instantly connected to Maykenna and Trevor, just as instantly they fell in love with each other. Their relationship just seemed so natural even if they fell in love so quickly. Part of the reason why I liked the book is that it's written both in Maykenna's and Trevor's POV. I think it's also one of the reasons why I was able to ride along the insta love story line. I was able to understand how exactly they felt for each other. I actually liked how contrast their personalities were because they didn't start off bickering like most opposites-attract-duos. It gets tiring sometimes, you know? But it wasn't like that for Both Sides of Opposite. Like I said, it seemed like their being together was the most natural thing in the world so they instantly clicked. Even if Maykenna had a lot of money, she never really made a fuss about it. She just wanted someone to share her life with; she didn't want to be alone anymore. In comes Trevor, the guy who was so captivated by Maykenna that he learned to look past his insecurities just to be with her. They truly complimented each other. Their story was told so nicely it kind of made me wonder if it actually is possible to fall in love just like that *snaps fingers* and it'll last longer than a celebrity's 55-hour marriage. (woops... still, wishful thinking. Heh)I realize this book was in its editing stage when I received it so I won't dwell too much on technical things I thought needed improvement. I just have a teeny tiny bit of a problem with one particular thing - F bombs. I know Trevor's a rockstar and cussing is very much part of his personality but there were like F bombs every two words or so. I don't mind reading those in books, really. It's just - and this is going to sound a bit crazy and a whole lot of stupid - I think you also need to consider the grammar when inserting swear words. (okay fine you may laugh or think I'm weird). Especially if you're using F-bombs, I think they can really be used for emphasis but if you use it way too often... man.That's that.It was a short read and it barely went up the hill for the climax (Freytag's pyramid? Yes? No? Okay), but it is a novella though. The cliffhanger was just- I can't even- *sighs* Things will definitely and can only pick up in the next one and I can't wait to see how it'll turn out.P.S.If you're collecting hot, rockstar, book boyfriends, Trevor should definitely be on your list. ;-)

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