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Commitment: The Beauty in Between (Beautiful #2.25) - Lilliana Anderson Also posted on Sab The Book EaterI don't know how to write reviews of Lilliana Anderson's books anymore. Heck, I don't even know how to write a proper intro to this review! Anderson's work blow me away each time. So much that I'm running out of things to say because they're all so good! If only I could write a review with just, "Super good. Get it." in big bold letters, this'll be easier. But I can't...because I have to let you all know why you should check out her work.So anyway.I've been eagerly waiting for this novella ever since Anderson announced she'd be writing The Beauty in Between series. I was curious to see what happened to Katrina and David after they finally got together. They had a happy ending in A Beautiful Struggle and it was too happy.... so I wanted to see more of it. I mean, you can't just leave readers hanging like that, right!? Just like other Anderson books, this one's steamy. She writes romance like no other! It's hot but it's also passionate, which is important in any romance book. You can just feel the love between Katrina and David that took years to build. I love how it made me sigh a lot. Happy sighs and possibly a couple of sad ones because LIFE.At first I wasn't quite sure how the story would turn out (and if I would like it) because this is about Katrina delaying the wedding. There weren't just enough logical reasons for her to do that, I thought. They've been hopelessly in love since they were children, so what gives? When the revelation came though, it was surprising. In a good, adorable way. Her reasons were understandable - any girl would get it. Katrina became all the more relatable. She thought like any regular girl would when it came to weddings. Now I don't want to spoil anything for you but I will tell you this: the way David resolved the issue was heart-melting. Super heart-melting. You'll want your own David. ;)Fans of Katrina and David will surely love this one to bits. Similar to previous books, it'll give you what you're looking for but at the same time craving for more. Anderson's characters grew on me with every book and this definitely ensured I will never forget them. (ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review. This review is based solely on my opinion.)

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