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Well Played - Katrina Ramos Atienza Check out my stop on the blog tour and enter the PHILIPPINES ONLY giveaway!At first I had a hard time trying to get a feel of the story. There were quite a number of minor characters introduced early in the story that I felt lost at some point. But no worries though, because the story picks up quickly and you'll easily get drawn in Patrice's crazy university life.I like the authenticity of college life depicted through Patrice's eyes. Now, I may go to an all-girls college but a lot of the things that happened in this book happens in your typical Filipino university/college. No matter how chaotic Patrice's semester was, it was still believable. I also like the mix of characters. The variety of minor characters may have bothered me at first but reading more of the story showed me how important they all were in building it. College will introduce you to a diverse student body and a whole bunch of drama comes with it sometimes. Well Played showed exactly that. It was also interesting how Atienza incorporated the side stories with the main plot. I think they meshed together well and were told in a good pace.Patrice, the main character, is very likable. She's sporty and kickass but at the same time she has a softer side that I'm pretty sure a lot of college girls could relate to. I enjoyed her interactions with Lars and Paul. She was very different with both boys. She was very judgmental of Paul at first and I kind of hated her for it, but really, I can't blame her. Paul was shady and Lars had a way of charming people. The two boys were complete opposites and it was easy to pass judgment. I liked how Patrice somehow changed as she learned more about both boys. The love story's predictable but enjoyable nonetheless. Feels inducing, I swear. The last line, especially.I just wish this was longer though. Books like this should be longer. *wink wink* Well Played is a great read for Filipina girls who are up for a light romance and lots of crazy college fun.(Review copy provided for blog tour. This review is based solely on my opinion.)

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