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Three Cheers for Chunky - Mike Ronny This review and more at Sab The Book EaterI love reading short stories because I'm always interested to see if the writer will be able to capture the reader with only a few pages. Mike Ronny was able to do just that - and more.Three Cheers for Chunky is an easy fun read with a lovable bumbling hero, Chunky. What I liked about this story is that Mike Ronny didn't waste a single page; he managed to introduce the main character fully and build the story from there. I liked Chunky's transformation because he was still Chunky all throughout only better! In the end, Mike Ronny leaves readers with something to ponder on. The ending's something... intriguing. The kind that's not that clear but you don't want over-explained because it's perfect that way. It'll surely leave a lasting impression on you.Another great short story written by a very talented author. ;-)

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