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Since You Asked...

Since You Asked - Maurene Goo Check out The Maurene Goo Three Blog Hop and enter the giveaway for a chance to win lots of great prizes!Story. Of. My life. Maurene Goo couldn't have made a better protagonist. I'm not sure if it's my Asian tendencies (whatever that is hah) or that I can still remember what it felt like to be fifteen. Either way, I could easily relate to Holly and that made reading Since You Asked twice as enjoyable. The humor alone was enough to keep me interested but with a main character like Holly, everything was so much more hilarious.The story follows Holly Kim, a fifteen year old Korean-American, who lands her own column in the school newspaper after accidentally submitting an article which added her own snarky flair to. The story takes place within the span of a whole school year where Holly and her equally sarcastic but funny friends try to survive their sophomore year. In the columns that Holly writes, she contemplates on the mundane school events and things teenagers typically go through.I absolutely love how real Holly is. Yes, she’s always sarcastic and snarky but truth be told it’s only common among teenagers, especially fifteen year olds. It’s the early years of being a teenager where there’s way too much angst – the awkward years where you feel so misunderstood and you constantly feel so angry at your parents (oh the drama!). Holly’s definitely the epitome of a typical teenager. She’s the kind of teenager who’s more inclined to observe than to participate because she’s neither a total outcast nor a popular kid so she’s somewhere in the middle of things. A lot of times I laughed out loud at all of Holly’s thoughts about highschool because it felt like something I said or would’ve said six years ago (oh my god. SIX years ago?!). Aside from that, I enjoyed Holly’s Korean family dynamics because a lot of it is something that I could definitely relate too, me being Asian and all. It was funny how Holly and her friends described the most mundane, weird or frustrating things she went through with their own brand of humor.I also liked how varied the events in the book were given that the story happens within a whole school year and yet it didn’t feel so crammed. I liked the overall flow of the story as well as how Holly’s insightful and witty monthly columns summed every season up. There’s also this one side story that leaves a hint of romance and possibly even a sequel….? *grins* I personally would like to see how that’ll pan out so I hope this isn’t the end for Holly and her friends. An overall entertaining and light read from start to finish, Since You Asked is a great debut from a promising writer.(I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This review is based solely on my opinion)

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