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An Endless Summer (Summer, #2)

An Endless Summer (Summer, #2) - C.J. Duggan Visit Sab The Book Eater to enter the giveaway for a signed copy or one of 5 ebooks of either book in the series!I didn't think it was possible to think the first book in a series was just okay but end up liking the sequel so much. I'm biased when I say this book is really good because Sean's my favorite character in The Boys of Summer and I really wanted to see his story continue. And boy I wasn't disappointed. I got all the Sean Murphy awesomeness I was craving for and a new found appreciation for everyone and everything else in Onslow.When I saw that Amy's the love interest in this one, I was so curious as to how things would work between her and Sean. I neither liked nor disliked Amy in the first book. She was the kid, the publican's daughter (which she hates being called) that everyone knew. I just felt meh about her existence, basically. I was interested in seeing whether or not their pairing was believable. The story started out with Amy contemplating on her parents 2nd chance at making their marriage work and how this affected her. She needed an escape for the summer and this led her back to the Onslow Hotel. Much to her dismay, it wasn't the same place she grew up in. This is where the fun begins. Every time Amy attempted to save the pub by herself, Sean would swoop in and help her. He brought the gang with him and everything seemed like what it was four summers back. I really liked that there was this sense of familiarity when Tess, Ellie, Ringer, Toby and Stan were back in Onslow. They brought the same humor and warmth to the story. It made me care about what happens to the hotel because I felt like I actually knew these people. I especially liked when they started helping out with saving the hotel and they were in on Sean's plans. Amy was quite stubborn at first, refusing to accept all the free help Sean offered. One of my favorite light moments was when Amy started asking around where all the cans of paint came from, everyone answered with the same silly it-fell-off-the-back-of-a-truck story which obviously Sean came up with. It not only showed how much Sean cared for Amy but it also showed how tight their group was.Sean was still the same cocky player he was when he was in his early 20's. Except now, he's met his match. I liked how their relationship started. I felt like it was one of those I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun (*sigh* Darcy) love stories. There really wasn't this grand declaration of feelings where the light bulb clicks and you realize just how much they've fallen for each other. Well, Sean did do this sweet gesture towards the end to let Amy know exactly how he felt about her but by then you basically knew that they weren't playing around anymore. Everything happened gradually. They started flirting with each other, trying to beat the other at the little game they played but you could totally see how smitten they are with each other! I love the banters between them, their casual conversations and everything else in between. So was their relationship believable? Definitely.In the end, I found myself suddenly attached to the whole series. I learned to love the whole gang and the summer town of Onslow. Now I couldn't get enough of their stories. The first book didn't quite do the trick, but An Endless Summer did. It's light, humorous and sweet. I rarely say this about summer reads but THIS is one book that's perfect for the season.(I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. This review is based solely on my opinion.)

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