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Good - S. Walden Check out my review on the blog and enter the giveaway for signed copies of the book and Amazon gift cards!I'm always up for reading books with controversial topics. I'm interested in how authors explore the matter and how they deliver. A few months ago I reviewed a couple of books that deals with a taboo relationship - one between an underage highschool student and her much older teacher. Long story short, I didn't like any part of it. I was very disappointed that I was so eager, almost desperate, to read a similar book that would meet my expectations. Then I found Good.And I was blown away.Yet another book by S.Walden that got me completely hooked and invested in the characters. It's exactly the kind of book that shows student-teacher relationships in a softer light. Cadence and Mark are ten years apart. What I love about them was how, despite their age gap, they had incredible chemistry. They were sweet and hot and...awkward. I'm not gonna lie. There were parts where I had to close my Kindle, laugh and just prepare myself for more awkwardness but I find that it's all part of the book's charm. Cadence is a virgin and I think it's only natural for her to say something really awkward when things are getting quite intimate. In fact, it made their relationship more believable! I absolutely fell in love with the pair and I couldn't wait to find out what happens to them in the sequel.Yes, there is indeed a sequel. So be prepared to go on a very intense yet highly enjoyable ride when you read Good. Cadence and Mark's story doesn't end yet so you can expect A LOT to happen here. The story's pacing was really good because there's enough background and light moments without slowing the story down to an unbearable pace. I like the way the religious theme was incorporated into the story. It was a big part of the story but it didn't really dominate it. And I think it served its purpose molding the characters and the plot. I love the build up to the conflict and how the climax was written. I knew what was going to happen because it's inevitable but somehow I still felt so stressed over it. And that's a good thing! That is how well written this book is.Good is more than good. It's incredible. S.Walden gives readers a story that has always been told but not always appreciated or heard. It's the right mix of everything that makes a story worth reading and addicting. Good is a great start to a series that's only bound to get better.(I received an eARC of the book in exchange for an honest review. This review is based solely on my opinion.)

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