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Two Roads

Two Roads - L.M. Augustine This review and more at Sab The Book EaterL.M. Augustine is back, this time with an emotional New Adult book with the right dash of nerdy cuteness that is sure to charm its way into readers' hearts.While I enjoyed the book to an extent, I had some issues with it too. My biggest concern is that Cali and Logan remind me so much of Cat and West from Click to Subscribe. It's like they could pass off as college versions of themselves except they have intense pasts and that's totally not Cat and West. I suppose this wouldn't have bothered me had I not read Click before. It may seem unfair but I like characters from two different books to have distinct voices. Reading Two Roads was a bit like déjà vu.Another thing I didn't quite like about the writing were the long paragraphs describing all the feels. I like detailed descriptions of how the protagonist feels but in Two Roads, it reached a point where Cali was being repetitive. I like feels, really, but you have to offer the reader something more. I wanted a clearer explanation of Cali and Logan's rivalry for one. The whole time I was reading the book I didn't really see their rivalry to be anything serious. I just thought they were being playful. Flirty, even. As Cali's backstory unraveled though I finally got the idea that, oh okay so she really is mad at Logan. I just wish that they weren't so freaking cute together. The message would've come across clearly without having to explain it all in long paragraphs.Did I say they're freaking cute together? Despite my complaints, I still found myself enjoying their cute nerdy banters. I'm all for nerds falling in like so this pair's romance was definitely for me. They had terrific chemistry and it showed whenever they would loosen up. You just know they're bound to get together but the anticipation was frustrating. In a good way. Forget about the fake rivalry and just kiss her already, Logan! Yes, Cali and Logan are adorable like that. Oh and I also like that this is a clean New Adult book. It's a nice break from the usual, you know?Three stars for for L.M. Augustine's first New Adult book. It was sweet alright but my biases got in the way. The romance was very enjoyable though and that's something you'd want to check out.P.S.The term "nerdhole" was used in this book. Win.(I received a copy of this book for review. This review is based solely on my opinion.)

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